Software Engineer (Singapore)

Runtime Verification Inc. is a technology company headquartered in Urbana, Illinois with staff spread across the globe, including Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia. We provide testing and verification services to public and private companies in the embedded and blockchain domains. In the latter we work with infrastructure builders as well as companies building products and providing services supported and/or powered by said infrastructure.

The Opportunity

Runtime Verification Inc. is an industry leading security service provider that helps developers make safe, reliable software that runs on Blockchains, automobiles, airplanes, and spacecraft. Our technology is state of the art. We employ leading experts in programming languages, formal methods, and software engineering.

Our business spans from audit and verification of smart contracts and high stake traditional software such as flight control systems to tool offerings which automate these processes. As a startup with series A funding from key ecosystem partners, RV is expanding its products and services portfolio. The Innovation Lab in Singapore is tasked with expanding our product offerings by researching and prototyping product ideas.

The Role

As a Software Engineer, your main responsibility is to make our product ideas into reality by leading the development of product prototypes. You will have first-hand experience of the end-to-end process of making actual products from initial product ideas.

You will collaborate closely with product managers and verification engineers to analyze the product requirements and provide feasibility studies by researching different solutions. You have the privilege to define the technology stacks and to design the architecture of the prototype. You will also guide our engineering team to turn your prototypes into final products which benefit both internal and external customers.

This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of innovation at Runtime Verification, where you will directly participate in the building of a Product Innovation Lab.

Status: Full-time Location: Singapore

What we offer

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One of the best teams around

One of the best teams around.

Competitive salary

Competitive salary.

Remote friendly

Remote friendly.

Matching IRA contributions

Matching IRA contributions.

Casual dress code

Casual dress code.

Health insurance

Health insurance.

Top notch equipment

Top notch equipment.

Performance bonuses

Performance bonuses.

Company lunches

Company lunches.

Unlimited vacation

Unlimited vacation.


  • Analyzing product requirements with product managers and verification engineers
  • Researching different solutions
  • Hands on design, implementation, and delivery of product prototypes
  • Demonstrate prototypes to potential customers and gather early feedbacks
  • Guide the product engineering team to turn prototypes into products.


  • At least 3 years of DAPP backend and frontend development experiences.
  • At least 1 year of smart contract development experience.
  • Familiar with Solidity and EVM.
  • Good understanding about the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science and related majors.
  • Proficient in Java/Golang/Python as DAPPs backend language and frameworks.
  • Familiar with Git, Bash, and some functional language (Haskell, Scala, Lisp)
  • Fluent in English.
  • Passionate about new ideas.
  • A fast learner.
  • A hacker’s spirit to work around obstacles.


  • Familiar with JavaScript/React/Vue frontend language and frameworks.
  • Familiar with other popular blockchains such as Cardano, Algorand.
  • Industrial experience with functional programming languages such as Haskell.
  • You have academic research experience of implementing academic research ideas.

What's in it for you?

  • Opportunity to work at the forefront of programming language design and verification.
  • Casual work environment with flexible work hours.
  • Full benefits package available for US based employees. Includes unlimited paid time off, retirement benefits, employer sponsored health / dental / limited life insurance.

How to apply

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