Firefly - Illuminate your smart contract to improve testing, assurance, and performance

Why work with us

Firefly helps Ethereum smart contract developers by illuminating holes in their contract's test-set, guiding them towards higher test coverage and thus higher code quality assurance. A definite must for any smart contract developer planning to store and manipulate user funds!


Try out the Firefly prototype by using the drop-in replacement kevm-ganache-cli instead of ganache-cli in your workflow. Firefly replaces the functionality of ethereumjs-vm with our own KEVM. It promises to:

  1. Increase performance.

  2. Enable better assurance of correctness of a program’s implementation.

  3. Provide extra analysis powered by with KEVM.


Planned features for Firefly include:

  1. Run Truffle tests directly using KEVM.

  2. Measure test coverage over your program’s EVM bytecode.

  3. Runtime verify temporal properties of your contract.

  4. Generate tests for uncovered portions of your program’s EVM bytecode.

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