Easy runtime verification. Simple static analysis.

Enforce safety policies, detect policy violations at runtime, find race conditions, and more.

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Runtime Verification is a new startup providing simple solutions to analyze your team's code through cutting-edge program verification research. Our tools are entirely automatic, generate no false positives, and integrate easily into your team's existing workflow.

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RV Monitor

RV Monitor is a product that will be coming soon. It generates AspectJ monitoring code that may be weaved into any Java program to detect violations of safety policies or to enforce safety policies at runtime. RV Monitor can easily be integrated into existing build scripts or continuous integration systems, or used standalone on the command line.

RV Predict

RV Predict is able to find race conditions in multithreaded programs by constructing a causal model of a program from a trace generated at runtime. RV Predict is based on technologies invented at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Chamapaign and first implemented in the academic runtime verification system jPredictor in 2008.

The open source community is important to us. You can view and contribute to RV projects on Github.