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Cra. 13 #96-11, Bogotá
MONDAY - OCTOBER 10th, 2022
1:00pm - 9:00pm
Talks and panels, Colombian food and live music.


At Runtime Verification, security is our core. We want to create an evening full of talks and panels with some of the best security experts in the ecosystem to discuss the current problems all projects are facing, and what we can do to address them and mitigate risks realistically.

At the same time, we also want to celebrate Colombian culture with all of you. And what better way to do it than through local food such as arepas and empanadas, local fruit juices, traditional live music, and a show with Cumbia dancers?

And that’s what Arepas, Cumbia & Security is: an event to discuss and re-think security through talks with speakers and the community while discovering and enjoying Colombia, its people, and its culture.

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1:00 PM -
2:00 PM
Food and Drinks.
2:00 PM
Talk: How to use Foundry’s features to formally verify your code.
Everett Hildenbrant, CTO Runtime Verification
2:35 PM
Talk: Modular blockchain architecture and its security properties.
Yaz Khoury, Head of Developer Relations at Celestia
3:10 PM
Talk: Composable Bridges as an optimistic UTXO.
Matt Shams, CEO BlockSwap
3:45 PM
Panel: Security practices, opportunities, and limitations.
Moderator: Everett Hildenbrant, CTO Runtime Verification
Participants: Alchemix Finance, 0xPolygon, ChainSafe, Sherlok
4:35 PM
Panel: Tooling and auditing.
Moderator: Leo Alt, Ethereum Foundation
Participants: ConsenSys Diligence, Open Zeppelin, Hacken, Certora
5:25 PM
End of talks and panels.
6:00 PM -
9:00 PM
Music, dance, drinks, food.

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