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Looking for more information on our products or services? See the presentations below for general information and please contact us for specifics.

Company overview

The runtime verification term was coined by Professor Grigore Rosu (UIUC) and his colleague Dr. Klaus Havelund (NASA) in three papers they published in 2001 and 2002. The papers received the Most Influential Paper award at the ACM/IEEE Automated Software Engineering Conference in 2016, the Test of Time award at the Runtime Verification Conference in 2018, and the Best Software Science Paper award at ETAPS 2002.
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Blockchain services

Having pioneered the K-framework, we formally model and verify smart contracts, consensus protocols, programming languages and virtual machines.
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RV-Match product overview

RV-Match is a semantics based automatic debugger for common and subtle C errors, and the most advanced and precise semantics-based bug finding tool.
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The RV overview provides the briefest possible overview of the runtime verification field, as well as the company and its products. This presentation is the best starting point for those unfamiliar with runtime verification.
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The RV technology and products presentation provides a longer introduction to and overview of runtime verification, covering the scientific field as well as the company and its products. This presentation expands further on the concepts presented in the overview.
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RV-ECU: Certifiable Runtime Verification for Automobiles

The RV-ECU presentation provides a general overview of the runtime verification ECU, an experimental technology aimed at runtime verification of the CAN bus in automotive and aerospace applications.
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