Turn your complexity into confidence. Save development time with no false alarms. Achieve standards compliance with rigor.

Runtime verification provides cutting-edge products to automatically and accurately detect the rarest, trickiest and most costly bugs lurking in your codebase. 

RV-Match is a semantics-based dynamic analysis tool and debugger for C errors, and an automatic checker for all C undefinedness.

RV-Predict is an automatic race detector with no false positives, predicting a range of Java concurrency errors.

RV-Monitor is a lightweight monitoring tool that checks your Java code against formal specifications, with over 200 Java API properties built in.

We offer a fresh approach to program analysis, balancing more precision than classic static analysis tools with more scalability and automation than heavyweight verification techniques.


Latest News and Events:

May 25 2016: RV Inc. to Give Tutorial at Runtime Verification ’16 Conference by Philip Daian

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