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Runtime Verification designs formal models for high-value application domains, then uses the models to develop domain-specific products and services focused on correctness and security.


Firefly is a tool for helping Ethereum smart contract developers visualize and discover holes in the existing test-set, and guide them towards full coverage of their contract.

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Blockchain Advisory Services

Receive targeted advice from an RV senior engineer on the verification topic of your choice: smart contracts, tokens, protocols, or virtual machines.

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Smart Contract Verification

Prove the correctness of smart contracts compiled for the Ethereum and Cardano virtual machines.

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Protocol Verification

Increase confidence in the correctness and security of the decentralized system powered by your protocol.

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The K Formal Semantics Framework

K lets you design the formal semantics of your programming language in a modular and intuitive way, then uses the semantics to generate a suite of language tools including a parser, execution engine, symbolic execution engine, state-space explorer, and even a program verifier.

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The K Community

The K Team was started in 2003. K has been continuously developed since then, with the center of the community being the FSL research group at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, USA.

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