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Automatically check your code for compliance with the Java API, or check custom specifications of your choice.

RV-Monitor gives you

  • an automatic debugger for subtle bugs other tools can't find, with no false positives

  • seamless integration with unit tests, build infrastructure, and continuous integration

  • a platform for analyzing programs, boosting standards compliance and assurance

  • low 50% overhead for hundreds of complex properties checked

Based on cutting edge academic research , RV-Monitor aims to provide automatic and efficient checks of your program against rigorous specifications including the Java API. And with no false positives, developers waste no time in their workflow.

RV-Monitor for Java also powers the academic JavaMOP, and RV-Monitor for C powers RV-ECU for embedded control units.

When and why should I use RV-Monitor?

RV-Monitor allows for the monitoring of complex applications or systems and the enforcement of properties over their execution traces. RV-Monitor should be used whenever a specification exists by which the development of a program is governed, and adherence to the specification is a critical feature of the software. RV-Monitor can also be used to monitor compliance to generic APIs, including the Android and Java APIs.

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