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Are you deploying an NFT contract? ERC721, ERC1155 or any variant thereof? Let us have a look before deploying!

The world of NFTs is moving fast and you want to move fast as well. Unlike DeFi and DAO contracts, many NFT contracts are relatively simple. But there are still plenty of pitfalls.

At Runtime Verification we have years of high-level Solidity auditing experience. We have world-class knowledge of what can go wrong, and which practices are safe and which can be hacked. We see plenty of vulnerable NFT contracts deployed, and we want to raise the bar for NFT contract security. From a representative sample of contracts we have found a range of issues you would want to prevent: big gas cost, broken accounting logic, lotteries, reveals that are easily to manipulate or predict, and outright theft.

Bugs in your NFT contract can cause many issues and hurt the viability of your roadmap. Mints can be gamed, tokens can be stolen, gas can be wasted, and bad code makes people wary of rug pulls. Even though the average collector is not looking at the smart contract code, many savvy collectors and bot operators are paying attention, and what they find may negate any momentum you have.

Remember: bad security practices put a hard cap on your future token price, which can push down your token price today.

What we offer

Send us your contract(s) and any relevant design documentation to have them looked over by a security expert. We will look for:

  • Big gas optimizations
  • Ways you could lose funds
  • If your sale can be gamed or exploited

When we receive your contract, an auditor will quickly look them over and get back to you immediately. If we agree to take on the project we ask you to send $5000 or your token equivalent to our address. We will then go over your contract in depth, document any issues and tell you how to mitigate them. You will have our feedback within 72 hours of us receiving your code.

Note: This is a special offer and is not a traditional audit. We will not produce an audit report and not hold any meetings. We may reject contracts that are too long or complex, or if we don't have any available auditors. If this is the case, we may offer to set up a traditional audit. Please indicate whether you are interested in an audit (2-8 weeks).