Automatically check your code for compliance custom specifciations that are easy to write in any formalism.

RV-ECU gives you

  • a platform for monitoring and enforcing safety specification on controller bus networks

  • simple, concise property creation in any number of RV-Monitor supported formalisms

  • the ability to dynamically update the set of safety properties monitored and enforced

Based on cutting edge academic research , including a recent SAE paper, RV-ECU aims to provide automatic and efficient checks of your embedded code against rigorous specifications to improve the safety, assurance, and standards compliance of the system.

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IELE: An Intermediate-Level Blockchain Language Designed and Implemented Using Formal Semantics

Theodoros Kasampalis, Dwight Guth, Brandon Moore, Traian Șerbănuță, Virgil Șerbănuță, Daniele Filaretti, Grigore Roșu, and Ralph Johnson

Technical Report, July 2018

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