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Automatically detect the rarest and most difficult data races in your Java and C/C++ code, saving on development and testing effort with the most precise race finder available.

RV-Predict gives you

  • an automatic debugger for subtle Java and C/C++ data races with no false positives

  • seamless integration with unit tests, build infrastructure, and continuous integration

  • a maximal detection algorithm that finds more races than any sound dynamic tool

Based on cutting edge academic research, RV-Predict provides an easy to use, automatic, robust race detector that has found hundreds of real bugs in widely deployed software systems. And with no false positives, developers waste no time in their workflow.

When and why should I use RV-Predict?

RV-Predict should be used any time concurrency correctness is important to a multithreaded application. RV-Predict is able to efficiently and seamlessly detect concurrency issues and data races in programs, is very easy to run, and generally requires no configuration whatsoever. RV-Predict also leverages unique predictive capabilities to detect possible races even if they do not occur in the execution trace recorded by RV-Predict.

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